Facebook Login Without Code, Check Out How Here!

Facebook login without a code, of course, you can apply very easily. Actually, this verification code is one method to secure your Facebook account.

If you want to log into Facebook, of course, you don’t need to use the code anymore. However, in reality this is not the case, sometimes you still have to use a code to be able to login.

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How to Login Facebook Without Code

Without using a verification code, you will definitely not be able to log into your Facebook account. That’s why you inevitably have to keep your phone number so you don’t forget it, or even lose it.

If this bothers you, there is an easier solution, namely to login without using a code. Curious how? Check out the full explanation below.

Step 1: Please Login Where You Have Login

In order to be able to login to Facebook without a code, please login where you have done it. For example, you have just installed the Puffin Browser application.

After that, you want to try logging into your Google account through the Puffin Browser application. However, you must verify the phone number first, because the application is not recognized.

You can work around this by logging into any application or browser that you have used to log in. For example, you have logged into your Google account via the Chrome browser.

You can try logging in through the browser. That way, you don’t need to use a verification code as happens when logging in via Puffin Browser.

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Step 2: Don’t Use a VPN

For successful Facebook login without this code, don’t use a VPN. If the VPN is turned off, you can sign in without using a verification code.

The reason is, if you use a VPN, the IP address and location of the device will move. This can make the security of any account, including Facebook even tighter. That’s why, when you want to login don’t use a VPN.

However, this does not apply to applications such as WhatsApp. Because, from the start to login to WhatsApp, you must enter a verification number first.

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Step 3: Please Only Use Cellular Data, Not WiFi!

The final step to login Facebook without this code is to not use WiFi and just use mobile data. Actually, this last step does not have a significant effect when you want to login without using a code.

Even so, there is nothing wrong with implementing this step. Who knows, it will be more helpful for you to successfully login without a code.

It’s important to always remember, this codeless Facebook login is actually just an attempt to circumvent the security system which has become increasingly stringent. This happens because the IP address and location of the device you are using is different from before.

Also, this method only applies to accounts that don’t use 2-step verification or affected accounts checkpoint. (R10/HR-Online)

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