How to Activate Facebook Chat, Understand the Easy Steps!

How to activate Facebook chat you can do with a few easy steps. With the Facebook chat feature, it is possible for users to chat with friends directly.

This feature can be used by Facebook users for free whenever they want.

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Check out How to Activate Facebook Chat

Meta which is the parent company of Facebook finally brings a live chat feature for Facebook. The presence of this feature can certainly make it easier for users to chat with their Facebook friends.

With the Facebook chat feature, it is useful to let your friends know whether you have seen the chat message or not. In this case, the users can enable or disable the Facebook chat feature in a fairly simple way.

Enable Chat on Facebook

Here’s how to enable Facebook chat, including:

  1. Please login to your Facebook account
  2. Next, select the chat at the bottom right of the Facebook page
  3. If the chat tab is already open, then select the three dots in the upper right corner
  4. After that, click “enable or activate chat”, then the Facebook chat will automatically be active.

This method is safe enough for you to do repeatedly and will not lock your Facebook account or anything like that. Often users will be seen online when viewed from online history on messaging.

There really isn’t even a way to make it invisible, unless the users actually go offline as they should.

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Deactivating Chat on Facebook

Now that you know how easy it is to enable chats on Facebook, you can now turn off those chats too. Then the way you can do it is quite easy:

  1. First, please open a Facebook account and on the homepage click the “chat” menu located next to the notification menu
  2. Next it will show who is online, then you scroll down and click on the “turn off chat” button
  3. Then you have successfully turned off the chat completely.

In addition to turning off chats completely, users can also turn off chats for only a few friends. However, you will only find this feature on the desktop version of Facebook and you can’t do this on the Mobile Basic version of Facebook.

There is also a feature to turn off chat for all friends except the one you choose. In other words, there are whitelist and blacklist features that you can find in the advanced settings menu in the chat options.

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Quite easy is not about how to activate chat in this application. You can also disable the chat feature as you wish.

Specifically about how to disable Facebook chat this is only temporary. So that users can do how to activate Facebook chat again and it is not permanent, so you can take advantage of it properly. (R10/HR-Online)

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