How to Activate Vanish Mode on Instagram, Check Out the Full Review!

How to activate vanish mode on Instagram you can do with a few easy steps.

Instagram’s Vanish Mode feature is a messaging feature found on Instagram that allows users to send messages completely missing from chat history.

By activating this feature, the chat history on Instagram will be deleted automatically. Thus, you and your chat friends cannot see the chat history that you have done before.

Vanish Mode Instgram is one of the newest features on Instagram. So there are a number of Instagram users who don’t understand how to activate Vanish Mode.

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How to Activate Vanish Mode on Instagram Easy

You can only use Vanish Mode to chat with one person. Furthermore, the screen will turn black when Vanish Mode is activated.

In addition to sending text messages, you can also make phone calls and video calls when activating Vanish Mode according to the method above.

All conversation content, including phone call information and video calls, will automatically be deleted after you close the chat.

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Tutorial and Conditions for Activating Vanish Mode Features

Here’s an easy way to activate vanish mode on Instagram that you can do, including:

  1. The first step, open the Instagram application.
  2. Next open any chat window you want to start a chat with using the Vanish Mode feature.
  3. From the bottom of the screen, you can Swipe Up to activate vanish mode.
  4. After the Vanish Mode feature is active, Instagram or Messenger will clearly mention Vanish mode in the chat window.
  5. Then your screen will turn black, just like in “incognito” mode. This happens on the message page on your Instagram account and friends chat You. Become a friend chat You’ll also know that you’re in Vanish Mode when you chat with him.

If you or your chat friend take a screenshot while using Vanish Mode, there will be a notification indicating that you or your chat friend have taken a screenshot.

Then the contents of the message contained in Vanish Mode you cannot copy, save, or share with others. You can only use Vanish Mode in the Instagram app.

If you can enable Instagram vanish mode in an easy way, your chat friends can also disable the feature.

If your chat friend disables Vanish Mode, often Vanish Mode on your Instagram account will also stop. In addition, the background will change color to white.

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However, sometimes this doesn’t happen, Vanish Mode on your IG account will still be active when your chat friend disables the feature. You will then get a notification that the message you received was sent out of disappear mode.

In addition to how to activate vanish mode on Instagram, which is quite simple, the user’s security is also more guaranteed. The reason is, vanish mode can only be used by people who are connected to you in a chat. (R10/HR-Online)

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