How to Change Android Boot Logo to Change Mood Safely

How to change the Android boot logo we can now do very easily and very practically. If you are an Android user and want to make it look more fresh, then follow our steps.

The boot logo on Android will usually appear when we restart or turn on the phone again. Automatically we will get a typical logo display.

Some people who are bored will find a way and replace it with another look. Besides not being boring, it will certainly make the cellphone look new and different.

If you want to give it a try, be sure to follow our steps. So you don’t miss the right steps and don’t harm the device.

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How to Change Android Boot Logo to Change the Mood

You can use the following options to change the boot on your Android device.

The boot logo, of course, will be boring if you pay attention to it for a long time. Therefore, do not forget to pay attention to the following steps.

Because basically we can change it safely without disturbing the activity of the device. But remember if you do it the right way, see the following in full, especially for you to follow, of course.

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Using the Manual Method

First, we will provide tips to replace using the manual method only. This first option will help those of you who want to have a new look of the boot icon easily.

But first remember to always pay attention that the file or files on the phone have backups on other devices for safety.

After confirming this, we can proceed to download the file easily. Usually on each XDA site there will be certain options for you to choose for yourself.

Some of these options we can click on download adjusted to the phone that we are using.

Continue to the file manager application that has a root explorer feature to root the media.

Usually there will be a file called for us to use. Make sure you back it up for safety.

Give it the same name to use it. Usually when finished it will automatically change when we reboot.

Well, how to change the Android boot logo manually is often an option because it’s obviously easier. Even we can do it ourselves even though it is the first time experience, it will still be safe.

Make sure to restart your android to see it live. Has the process been completed and replaced automatically?

The logo that has been replaced according to your download means that you have used the right and right way according to the steps. You don’t have to look at the same logo for a long time, because you can easily replace it yourself.

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Using the Help from the Boot Animation App

Next we can do how to change the Android boot logo by using an application called Boot Animation. Using the first method is quite long, although not complicated.

Well, if you want to be more practical, you can use this method by using the help of the application, of course.

Later, we just need to install the application first. these changers.

Usually it will be available on the Google Play Store for free and very easily, as long as the internet network is smooth and stable. But for some brands of HP can not use applications like this.

Even if you use an application like this, remember to always back up important files and files contained in the existing device.

The reason is obviously we will do a reset or restart to make sure. Furthermore, it would be better if you use the manual method so that the resolution matches your cellphone.

Use this way to change the Android boot logo appropriately. Make sure to download from XDA which is safe and secure.

Choose between XHDPI or HDPI to help adjust the resolution. It will automatically be replaced very easily, you just have to try it.

Some of these options can help you change the Android boot logo easily. You just choose which one to use in this way.

Basically, this method is quite easy and harmless, but for security purposes, of course, backing up is the best option. (R10/HR-Online)

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