How to Change Facebook Profile Name on HP Quick and Easy, Listen!

You can change your Facebook profile name with a wide selection of easy steps. Each of the existing ways is actually not much different. It’s just that the needs of each person to be able to easily access Facebook are different.

Options How to Change Facebook Profile Name Practical

Here are several options for how to change the name of your FB profile, including:

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Steps to Change FB Profile Name Through Browser

Here’s an easy way to change your Facebook profile name using a cellphone, including:

  • The first step please enter the browser, then login to your facebook account.
  • After that, click on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Then select Account Settings > General.
  • Next click the name field, then type the name you want.
  • You can fill in the middle name or not.
  • Then Click Review Changes.
  • Then click Save Changes.

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Change Facebook Profile Name Through Application

Other ways that you can use to rename your Facebook profile are through apps including:

  • First open the Facebook application on the HP device
  • Then click the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • Then scroll down the screen until you find the Settings & Privacy option, then please click Settings
  • The next step selects Personal and Account Information
  • To change the new name, please click the Name option then type the new Facebook name you want. If you want to use only First and Last Name, then you can leave Middle Name field blank
  • Next click Review Change, then enter the Facebook account password to verify
  • After that, you can click Save Changes and you are done. Then your Facebook name will be immediately replaced with a new one. To check it, you can go back to your Facebook Profile.

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Change Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days

After successfully changing the profile name on your FB account, you will not be able to change it again for the next 60 days.

With this restriction, it aims for security and minimizes abuse of Facebook accounts, one of which is fraud. But don’t worry, you can still change your FB profile name before 60 days with these steps:

  • The first step, please open the Facebook application
  • Then click the hamburger icon in the top right corner of the screen
  • After that, scroll down to find the Settings & Privacy option, then click Settings
  • Next select Personal and Account Information
  • Then click the Name option. Then a message will appear that you cannot change your name for the next 60 days.
  • Then click ‘Learn more’ or ‘Learn more’
  • How to change your Facebook profile name, then fill in and complete the name change form
  • Then scroll down and state the reason you want to change your name. Next, upload a photo of your identity such as your ID card or driver’s license that shows your real name, then click send.
  • Then wait for approval from Facebook, it could be a few hours or a few days. If your request is approved, the Facebook name will automatically change.

With the various options for changing your Facebook profile name above, you can choose which one is the most practical. It doesn’t take long because the steps above are quite simple. (R10/HR-Online)

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