How to clone a cellphone using a few easy steps

How to clone a cellphone is now very easy and simple. Because you can choose between using additional applications or without applications.

The reason is that duplicating an application sometimes makes HP owners want to use similar applications on one cellphone only.

Then how? Even though when our cellphones have installed an application and when they are about to install the same, a notification will appear about the change and not duplicating.

But don’t worry, because there are some tricks that are important for you to know.

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The easiest way to clone a cellphone with some of the following tricks

Some smartphone users will certainly have the desire to have more than one social media account. However, these different accounts are often used for various purposes as well.

Well, instead of repeating the process log out and log in whenever you want to change account then you can use trick with app cloning.

Because so far, we can do application cloning very easily using smartphones like Android.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to clone this cellphone, if you are one of them, then you must listen to this article.

Basically the application cloning process like this will create duplicates of the application you want not limited to an application.

So that the duplicate application that you make, it can log in with different accounts easily, without having to log out or log in repeated.

Then how? Here are some tutorials that you can do easily!

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Use App Cloner

The easiest and simplest way to clone a cellphone for the first tips is to use App Cloner. This application is able to present interesting functions, because it can clone applications very easily.

In addition, this App Cloner is also far superior because it has icon settings that can be displayed as application icons resulting from the clone.

Meanwhile, customization of the icon display also includes flip icons, changing icon colors, rotate icons, and much more.

Even the icon display customization feature also brings other things, such as changing app permissions.

Even this App Cloner is also very popular, because it can duplicate messaging applications such as Telegram to WhatsApp.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space application is also one of the best choices for those of you who want to clone applications. Because Parallel Space has a very good design and can consider a simpler interface.

Even how to clone a cellphone with this application feels very easy and is suitable for use by all users, including you.

When you need access to the same app with two different accounts, then this app is very helpful.

Because you can clone various kinds of applications that you want. Later, after passing the cloning stage, there will be a similar version of the application but with a + sign as a cloned marker.

The application that you will clone with Parallel Space can also get updates from the Google Play Store service.

So you don’t have to worry about missing versions or having trouble re-cloning.

You can even give applications that you have cloned to others via FTP, internet, and Bluetooth.

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How to clone on a Xiaomi cellphone

How to clone a Xiaomi cellphone is now also quite easy and practical, of course. Because you can duplicate applications on this cellphone and install 2 applications at once with just one phone.

More interestingly, this method is also quite easy, so you don’t need to feel confused and have trouble.

Therefore, you can listen to the following processes carefully.

For the first step you can open the Settings menu or Settings on the Xiaomi cellphone. If it is then just select the dual application.

Select the application you want to use by activating the button next to the application you want to clone. For application duplication, the first time a notification will immediately appear “Turn on Google Services”.

So you just choose to turn it on, then the process is complete. Pretty easy isn’t it?

If it’s like that, then you have successfully cloned a cellphone. (R10/HR-Online)

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