How to Copy Android Files to OTG with Easy Steps, Listen!

How to copy Android files to OTG is now very easy, unfortunately some people don’t even know what the right steps are.

Well, as an Android cellphone user, maybe you’ve ever intended to move files on your cellphone to a flash.

But how? Because the flash plug is not on the HP.

To be able to do this, then you need a connecting cable whose name is OTG or On The Go. Because, this cable can be a bridge between the flash and HP.

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The Simplest and Easiest Way to Copy Android Files to OTG

Smartphone is an electronic device or personal item that has a very important role in everyday life.

In addition to communication tools, HP can also store various kinds of documents and other data.

Not only that, now HP is also complete with various facilities that will certainly make work easier.

Call it like an OTG cable which is a cable to read data from a USB device without the need for a laptop.

Many people are now also looking for information on how to easily copy Android files to OTG.

However, if you don’t have this USB OTG cable, you can buy it first at a number of electronics stores.

So you don’t need to use a laptop device to be able to move files from your cellphone to the flash. Because just use this OTG cable, the transfer and copying process will feel very easy.

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What is OTG?

Before proceeding to how to copy Android files to OTG, it’s better if you know the meaning of USB OTG.

So OTG is a cable with the ability to be able to read flash drives and exchange files easily.

OTG cable is a standard specification that will allow devices to read data from USB devices without a PC.

Indeed, every device can certainly be a USB host, but not all devices have the ability to connect.

Therefore, the OTG cable is very necessary because it will be a connector between devices to copy various kinds of data.

So for those of you who want to move files from your cellphone to a flash, for example, you can use OTG. Because there will be many benefits that you can feel when using the USB cable.

OTG Cable Function

Before knowing how to copy Android files to OTG again, you also have to know what the USB function is. So one of the main functions of this OTG is being able to connect a flash easily.

Maybe you’ve used a flash drive to store various documents and data.

Then if you want to copy or open data, then you have to use a computer or laptop to connect to the flash drive.

However, you can still connect the flash drive directly to your Android phone without OTG. The trick is to connect the USB OTG cable to the flash with the HP.

In addition, you can also open various documents and data that are already stored on the flash. You can also copy data from flash to HP easily too.

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How to Move Files from HP to Flashdisk

How to copy Android files to OTG is actually very easy for you to do without the need to use the help of a laptop. For the first step, make sure you already have this USB OTG cable first.

If so, then connect the flash to the HP with the USB OTG cable. Later, the Memory Icon will automatically appear in the upper left corner of the HP screen.

Then just open the File Manager application, then choose which files you want to move to the flash drive by ticking.

If so, choose the copy or copy option and look for the External Storage Flash Drive that has been connected to your cellphone.

Finally, just specify the folder in the flash where you want to move the file and then paste or paste it. Done, now the file from your cellphone has been successfully copied or moved to a flash drive.

After knowing how to copy Android files to OTG and the functions of the USB cable, it’s time for you to implement it yourself. Pretty easy isn’t it? (R10/HR-Online)

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