How to Create a TXT File on Android Using These Steps

How to create a TXT file on Android is very easy, unfortunately there are some people who don’t know how to do it.

HP Android itself has now come with a variety of cool features that are certainly able to help everyone.

Imagine, all kinds of work can be done easily by simply using the Android smartphone.

One of them is to create this TXT format file. Then how? Can it?

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How to Create TXT Files on Android Very Easy with This Trick!

The TXT file itself is the most basic file in the PC world. Not only that, but also in the world of Android as well.

Because this one file is really pure from other effects such as font type, italic settings (italic), thick (bold), as well as other effects.

Currently to open or edit this file is also very easy, because users do not have to open it via a PC or laptop. Because now we can do all that using only an Android device, of course this is very simple.

Unfortunately, how to make a TXT file on Android, not everyone knows how to do it, maybe including you?

In fact, making a TXT file is very important, especially for those who have a lot of college or work assignments.

Usually making files with the TXT format can only be done via a laptop or computer, apparently not.

Because now we can easily create the file using Android. How to? Check out this step!

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How to create a TXT file on Android for the first tip is to use a third-party application called Notepad.

This application itself is made by Braden Farmer and allows its users to easily create TXT format files.

This Notepad has a size of only 1.5 MB which already offers many interesting features that other applications of the same size do not have. Even now, this application has been downloaded by Play Store users to more than 100 thousand users.

To be able to use it is also very easy, the first step you can download first on the Play Store.

If you have, then open the application and when you are going to create a TXT file, you can click the blue plus option at the bottom right.

After that, write what you want to write, then save it by clicking the three-dot option at the top right and then Export.

Finally, to edit, you can return to the main menu then select point 3 and Import and then specify the type of file you want to edit.

Just Notepad

You can also do how to create a TXT file on Android by using another application called Just Notepad. This application has a size of only 3 MB and of course with many advantages.

Because apart from being able to create TXT format files, you can also use Just Notepad to edit files with other formats.

So if you are going to create a TXT file and then edit it, it looks like this application can be a recommendation.

How to use it is also very easy, for the first tips you can download it first through the Play Store service. Look for the name Just Notepad in the search field then download it until it is installed.

Open the application, select the plus sign located at the top right of the application.

Now, to save the file, all you have to do is select the Save As option and if you want to edit the TXT file, select internal storage via the menu or Navigation options and select Folder to create the file.

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No App

It turns out that how to create a TXT file on Android does not always have to use an application, but just use this site called

Because this one site has an attractive and cool appearance and a relatively simple design.

More interestingly, this one site will also allow its users to create TXT format files on Android online.

There will be many other excellent features that are useful for checking text to avoid plagiarism or plagiarism.

You can even find out how many words and characters are when you’re editing text on the site. You can use this site for free.

The first step is to visit the site, then select the Create new Text Note option and write the text that you will shape into a txt file.

After everything is finished then download, edit, then save by clicking the download option.

Of the several ways to create a TXT file on Android, it’s actually very easy, you can use an application or not. All of them have their own advantages. (R10/HR-Online)

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