How to Lock a Twitter Account on Android, Helps Maintain Your Privacy

How to lock Twitter account on Android with simple steps. You can also make it more private.

As many of you know, the development of the world of technology is increasingly sophisticated.

This can be seen from the number of applications available and emerging. With this application, various activities can be carried out in the palm of your hand.

All applications have their own advantages and functions. Besides WhatsApp and Instagram, Twitter is one that is quite popular.

Twitter is one of the social media that is still actively used today. Interestingly, Twitter is also a service that provides the fastest information.

Where in this application Twitter users can create tweets or tweets that other users can see. If the tweet is interesting, you can get a high number of likes and retweets.

Moreover, if the article you write has trending keywords, the potential for other users to read will be even greater. But not all users share it with others.

There are some users who only want certain people to know about it. For example, specifically for followers only.

If you want to do the same use how to lock Twitter account on Android. This way you can limit who can follow.

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Use How to Lock Twitter Accounts on Android Below!

How to lock Twitter users can do with HP or PC. However, if you are an Android user, you can do it without having to use a laptop or PC.

Because Twitter is quite popular, resulting in its service being used for various things. Starting from emergency communication media, political campaigns, learning tools, or even protests.

In addition, Twitter is also faced with various problems or controversies. For example privacy or security concerns, lawsuits, or censorship.

So that you can keep Twitter private, it’s best to know how to lock it. Here are some ways you can do to lock your Twitter account on Android.

Account Key Via HP

The first way to lock a Twitter account on Android is by opening the application and logging in.

You can tap the profile photo to open the menu. Select the settings and privacy section of the menu.

Next select the privacy and security options. Please activate the Protect Your Tweet feature and the account will be locked.

Apart from using the application, there is another way you can do that is by opening the Google Chrome browser.

You can also use the Twitter Mobile site on your cellphone. The method is almost the same, you need to login with a Twitter account and enter the settings and privacy menu.

Go to the privacy and security menu. Please check the Protect Tweet box.

Tap the protect option to confirm account lockout. By following these steps, everything can be more easily controlled by you.

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Reasons to Lock Twitter Account

Actually there are many ways to lock a Twitter account on Android. There are some people who deliberately do this in order to maintain their privacy.

Locked accounts or privacy users help with the convenience and security of social media.

The reasons someone locks his Twitter account are quite varied. One of them makes new followers unable to directly follow or view the contents of tweets.

When someone wants to enter as a follower by clicking follow, they usually go to the pending list. This happens on a locked or private Twitter.

When a user receives a friend follow from another person, the owner must be included in the follower list.

Account recipients will receive notifications from private accounts. Account owners can refuse or accept follower requests.

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How to Approve New Followers

The use of Twitter is indeed worldwide. Lots of people use this application.

But for those who want to maintain complete privacy, they can do to lock the account.

After locking the account, of course, anyone cannot become a follower. If you approve of these followers, you can use this method:

  • Please open the Twitter application on Android
  • You can click the notification marked with the bell image
  • Select the Pending Followers notification
  • Click view now to see new followers
  • There is also a short profile of new followers

You can choose to accept or reject the followers. So using how to lock a Twitter account on Android helps maintain your privacy. (R10/HR-Online)

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