How to Lock Android GPS Without Root Easiest and Accurate Results

How to lock Android GPS without root you can do easily. There are several steps you can take.

GPS is one of the features that are now available on Android phones.

GPS has an important role, especially for those who frequently travel to new places. With the GPS service helps make it easier for you to know the path to the location of the place you are looking for.

The presence of GPS also helps make traveling more comfortable without having to worry about getting lost. Although it has been one of the Android features for quite a long time, unfortunately there are also users who are still confused.

Especially about how to lock Android GPS without root. In fact, by locking the location point, it will help you find out more accurately.

For those of you who are still confused about this method, you can see the full review.

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How to Lock Android GPS Without Root with Easy Steps

Actually, you can do a GPS lock or lock easily. You just follow these steps:

Check Location

To find out the accuracy of the location you are going to, you should check the current conditions. Open GPS and notice how accurate the location is showing on your device.

If the location information is correct you can put it to good use. But if it’s not accurate, follow the next steps.

So how to lock Android GPS without root can be done correctly.

Activate High Accuracy

Next please do it by increasing the GPS accuracy. How to lock Android GPS without root will run smoothly. Activate the High Accuracy service on the smartphone.

Open the settings menu and select the location sub menu. If it is active, you can check the Android GPS again whether it is accurate or not. Open Google Maps again and check the current location.

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Calibrating Smartphone Compass

As many people already know if GPS has a function to find information sources for a location. However, GPS can also provide inaccurate information.

To reduce this risk, it’s a good idea to calibrate the Android compass menu. Compass is an application that is already available on every Android.

You no longer need to download apps on the Google Play Store. Calibrating the compass helps provide more accurate location information.

Reload GPS

After you have done the previous steps and are not satisfied, you can follow the next method. Reload the smartphone’s GPS by refreshing the GPS data using the help of the GPS Status application.

Download it first and open as usual. Select the diagnostic sensor and GPS sensor menu. A pop up appears and you can press the reset button with the aim of clearing all GPS cache data from the start.

By locking Android GPS without root, it is guaranteed to be smoother and more accurate. You don’t have to worry about getting lost while looking for a new location.

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How to Lock GPS with Engineering System

When using GPS on Android, it’s actually quite easy. You can also take advantage of these services easily and practically.

When using the service assistance on Android you must lock or lock the GPS. This method can help to enter into a more effective system engineering.

You can enter the system by using the help of the application. MTK Android application can be an easy step that you can use.

  1. Use a secret numeric code that can be connected via Dial Call
  2. After that, wait for the notification to appear
  3. If you have, just swipe the screen to the right and press the location button
  4. With the MTK Android application, it will be easier to determine the location. The trick is to choose a location based service first
  5. Next check the A-GPS box and swipe right. In this section, the Enable EPO and Auto Download columns will appear
  6. Please click the download button and close the application, enter Y-GPS, select the cold menu and the Android GPS lock process is complete.

Given that GPS is an Android service that you use a lot, it’s good to know how to lock Android GPS without root. By following these steps it will be much easier, more accurate, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost. (R10/HR-Online)

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