How to Lock Facebook Profile for Privacy Security, Listen!

How to lock facebook profile users need to know to maintain privacy. In this case Facebook presents a number of privacy options for its users. Includes the ability to lock your profile.

As we know that the FB account contains various information about personal data. So, to keep your Facebook account safe and private, it’s better if you lock the account.

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How to Lock Facebook Profile for Privacy

Facebook is a social media platform with a very large number of users. Not only from easy children, many parents also use this application.

One of the reasons why Facebook has so many users is because it provides a variety of interesting features. One of its features is the locked Facebook profile feature.

With this feature, of course, users can lock their profiles.

Thus not everyone can see the profile. So that user profiles will be safer from identity theft or photos.

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Check out How to Lock Facebook profile

So that your FB profile is not seen by just anyone, it is important for you to lock your account on Facebook.

In this case you can create account profile information in private mode. For more details, here’s how to lock your FB profile that you can do, including:

  1. Open the Facebook application on a mobile device or log in using a browser
  2. Next, please click the three lines in the upper corner
  3. Please enter the menu under “Settings and Privacy”, then select the “Settings” section
  4. The next way to lock a Facebook profile is to select the “Privacy Settings” section
  5. Then you can select the option “Manage Your Profile”
  6. Then you can directly change settings or settings on personal data information
  7. The next step, you select the information you want to lock or hide by clicking “edit” or the pencil logo.
  8. Next change the privacy to “Friends” or “Only Me”.

If you select a friend, only your friends can see the information. However, if you select “Only Me” it means that the information is locked and only you can see it.

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Setting Facebook Post Privacy

In addition to how to lock the profile from FB above, you can set or also lock the privacy of posts. Like photos, videos, to the status on your Facebook account.

  1. Open your FB account
  2. On the main page click “Create Post”
  3. Create a post in the form of a status, photo, or video
  4. At the bottom there is a settings menu for who can see your posts
  5. Then change the setting from Public to Friends, Friends Except, Certain Friends, or Only Me which you can choose according to your wishes
  6. Then you can share the post.

By following the steps or how to lock your Facebook profile above, you can hide personal information or various posts on Facebook. This method can be a solution for those of you who want to maintain the privacy and security of FB data from people you don’t know. (R10/HR-Online)

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