How to Log Out of Twitter Via Android with Several Easy Methods

How to exit Twitter via Android is an easy thing for us to do, unfortunately not all users can do it.

The reason is that getting used to logging out of social media accounts like Twitter is useful for maintaining account security.

It’s the same as the Facebook application, because Twitter on cellphones has now also provided a special menu to exit easily. However, for those who do not know how, then you can listen to this article to the end.

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The Most Practical and Easy Way to Log Out of Twitter Via Android

Twitter itself is a social networking service that allows users to send and read messages.

Texts or tweets sent to social media are called Tweets and Twitter first existed since 2006.

If we look at the number of users, Twitter is indeed inferior when we compare it to Facebook and Instagram.

But the interesting thing about Twitter is that it has a trending feature that allows users to search for trending topics.

For those who want to logout, then how to exit Twitter via Android is also very important for them to know now. As we know, that basically this application that we download does not provide a logout button directly.

Therefore, you must enter several menu options before finally deciding to exit Twitter. For those of you who want to log out of Twitter, then you can follow some easy tricks like the following carefully!

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Log Out of Twitter

How to exit Twitter via Android for the first step is through the menu on the Twitter application itself.

Even this one trick is perfect for those of you who access up to more than one account at once.

To do this, you can first run the Twitter application, then choose which account you want to sign out of. Then open the profile by swiping to the right and selecting the Settings – Sign Out option.

A question dialog will automatically appear, then you can just select OK to continue.

How easy is it not? Now you have successfully logged out of the Twitter application.

How to get out of Twitter via Android for the second trick is to use the Settings menu only. This is one of the old ways that is actually easy for us to apply ourselves.

So you can choose this method when logging out of the Twitter application on an Android phone. Well, for the steps, first you can open the Settings menu or Settings on an Android cellphone.

Then just select the “Application Manager” option then click All-Twitter and finally just sign out then Clear Data. Wait a few moments until the process is complete.

But it’s important for you to remember, don’t choose this method if you log in or access two Twitter accounts on one cellphone at once. This is because clear data means all accounts will also sign out of the cellphone itself.

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Twitter Lite

If you play Twitter on Android and want to know how to log out of Twitter via Android, then you can also use Twitter Lite.

Twitter Lite itself is a lightweight version of Twitter and is suitable for lower-middle class phones.

Not only that, but this Twitter application also offers many more complex features.

So for those of you who often play Twitter through the HP browser, you can also log out like this.

For the first step you can select the 3 strip symbol located in the upper left corner. The next step is to select the Settings and Privacy option.

Continue by selecting Account then scroll down yourself then just tap Sign Out. Press OK, it will automatically exit your Twitter browser.

There are several ways to exit Twitter via Android as you already know. Now is the time to practice it yourself. Pretty easy isn’t it? (R10/HR-Online)

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