How to make a Spotify Pie Chart on a cellphone to listen to your favorite songs

How to make a Spotify Pie Chart on a cellphone is actually very easy, it’s just that there are some people who don’t even know the steps. Well, the Spotify Pie Chart itself is a breakdown of music genres or songs that you can listen to in a certain time.

Even now there are many netizens who have shared their Spotify Pie to a number of their social media accounts.

But not a few who do not know about how to make it, and then distribute it.

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The Easiest Way to Make Spotify Pie Chart on HP, You Must Know!

Using a music service like Spotify, you can compile a timeline of all your frequently played songs.

Then several approaches to being able to build your favorite songs might also include taking advantage of the Spotify Pie Chart (Rceipifyi).

You can post the production of your favorite songs on this Spotify Pie Chart to your social media accounts.

In addition, you can also see links to create your favorite music to make it easier to create a playlist.

If you don’t know how to make a Spotify Pie Chart on your cellphone, then don’t worry, because there are lots of easy tricks. Using a service like this, you can then compose and then link your favorite tracks in music.

As we know that Spotify itself is a music broadcasting service based in Stockholm Sweden.

Well, for those of you who are going to make a Pie Chart on an Android phone, you can listen to the following tips.

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What is Spotify Pie Chart

Before discussing further about how to make a Spotify Pie Chart on a cellphone, it’s good if you know what it means first.

So, this Spotify Pie Chart is a pie chart that can find out about the type of song and genre of the user’s favorite artist.

You can even find out what types of songs you’ve listened to the most so far. What’s even more interesting is that you can share such information directly to your social media accounts.

Recently, Spotify Pie has also become a hot topic of conversation for netizens around the world, including Indonesia.

Actually Spotify Pie is a tool that can analyze what users listen to on Spotify.

Services like this can also be updated monthly, so you can track how song selections have changed throughout the year.

These tools are also not Spotify’s own creation, but Darren Huang or a student at the University of California, Los Angeles.

How to make

How to make a Spotify Pie Chart on a cellphone is actually very easy and relatively simple, anyone can do it.

It’s just that there are some people who just can’t and don’t know how to do it.

Well, for the first step you can enter first to the website address that offers the service. If you have already logged in using the Spotify application on your cellphone.

The next step is to allow the platform to enter the application. The Spotify Pie Chart will immediately appear, complete with the types of music, genres, and your favorite songs that you often listen to.

If it’s like that, you can immediately take a screenshot or screenshot then share it to various social media accounts. Like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

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How to find out the playlist of songs?

It’s not only about how to make a Spotify Pie Chart on a cellphone that you have to know, but how to find out the song playlist as well.

Because you can find out what music you’ve been listening to in a certain time.

Not only that, but which artists you listen to often can also be seen on the Pie chart. This is certainly very exciting, because many netizens have proven it.

First you log in to Spotify to listen to your song and playlist track history followed by logging in to your Spotify account. Then can listen to the song for the last time.

Download or download receiciptify and you can immediately post your findings to your various social media accounts. It is very easy to get various kinds of your favorite songs on Spotify, including popular songs.

After knowing a number of ways to create a Spotify Pie Chart on your cellphone, now is the time for you to do it yourself. (R10/HR-Online)

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