How to Make Connected Instagram Posts with App Help

How to make Instagram posts connected to make them look attractive. There are some easy tips you can do.

Currently, Instagram is a very popular application and has a lot of fans.

There are many features provided including the app as well. The Instagram feed application is one of them.

There are many recommended applications for creating connected posts.

So that in this application you can send videos, both your own and other people’s content.

So how do you make interesting connected Instagram posts? You can see the full review below.

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How to Make Instagram Posts NInteresting link

Content posted within Instagram will be visible in the feed. The Instagram feed will appear through your IG profile page.

Sending random content can make your Instagram feed less attractive.

For that, there is a way to create an Instagram feed so that it is connected to each other properly. So it looks more attractive.

Consists of several combined images into one as a whole.

Here is an easy way to make Instagram posts more connected. One of them with the help of applications.

Instagram Feed Post with App

Actually, there are many conveniences that you can get from the help of the application. Including how to make interesting connected Instagram posts.

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Grid Maker

The number of applications available you can choose as you wish. Grid Maker is one of them.

Using this app, you can crop the image as needed.

In addition, you can also directly publish the edited photos to your personal Instagram account. The easy steps you can take are:

  1. Download the Grid Maker app
  2. Open the app for Instagram on the smartphone
  3. Tap on the application menu and select the photo you want to make as an Instagram feed
  4. Next select the size and orientation in the application
  5. Tap the check and the orientation results as desired. For example a 3×3 orientation that will be cut into 9 parts
  6. Post all the photos one by one. But for the first post, select image number 1 and then select the available Feed options.
  7. You can repeat this step until all photos are successfully posted. Use how to make linked instagram posts with the Grid Maker application.

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There are other apps that you can use on multiple devices. Take the Canva app, for example.

This application can be used on various devices, both PCs and smartphones. Install the Canva app on Android.

But if you do it on a PC or computer, there’s no need to use an app. You can open the web and login through a personal account. Canva comes with lots of interesting features.

It’s also quite easy to make Instagram posts connected to Canva. The method is almost the same as other applications. You can choose various applications according to your wishes. (R10/HR-Online)

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