How to Make Easy Guide on Instagram, Get to Know the Various Functions!

How to make a Guide on Instagram is important for users to understand. This is one of the interesting features that are present in the Instagram application.

With the Guides feature, users can curate and collect posts that have been uploaded on the Feed to become a single unit.

This feature is similar to Highlights, but only for Feed posts. Thus, through the Guides feature, users can easily follow the flow of curated posts with comments.

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How to Make a Guide on Instagram?

Instagram never stops in presenting new innovations with various supporting features in it. One of the features present in this application is the Instagram Guide.

This feature allows users to share information in the form of content for a longer duration. Through this feature, users can easily create content in the form of upload lists, product recommendations, tips and tricks, and so on.

Like a mini blog, how to create an Instagram guide requires a cover image, title, introductory paragraph, video or photo, to a description.

Even in recent times, this feature has been widely used by business people, with the aim of expanding marketing strategies.

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Check out the Steps to Make an Instagram Guide

Here are easy steps to create an Instagram Guide, including:

  1. To create your first guide, tap the plus icon at the top right of your profile page and select “Guides”.
  2. You will then get 3 different guide formats including:
    Place: Recommend variety in your city and surroundings.
    Products: Recommend your favorite product..
    Posts: Recommend posts that you will make or save. Each format is designed to meet the needs of the creators.
  3. The next way to make a Guide on Instagram is the Feed option that you enter “Guides” from the photo which includes other information.
  4. Select Posts. In this step you can select posts from your Instagram feed or posts from other accounts that you have saved.
  5. Press Next, then you can add a title and description to the Guide. In addition, you can also change the position of the image by pressing on Change Cover Photo.
  6. Then re-check the components that have been filled thoroughly.
  7. Then click Add Place and repeat the previous few steps until finally the Guide you created is complete.
  8. Press Next and then Share to start publishing your Guide. After you post successfully, the Icon Guide will appear right between IG TV and the tags on your main IG profile.
  9. Done, then you can see the Guides Feature that you created

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Instagram Guide can be a versatile format. By following how to create a Guide on Instagram, users can use it for various inspirations, providing advice, or guidance to telling stories.

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