How to Pin WhatsApp Chat on Android so that important messages are in the top position

How to pin WA chat on Android is important for you to do with a few steps, you can even find many benefits.

Usually for most people pinning chats with the aim of making it easier when sending messages.

Especially if it is an important person, then pinning it at the very top itself is an important thing to do. Especially if you are a businessman who has important people, then pin chat will be very useful.

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The Easiest Way to Pin Chat WA on Android, Many Benefits!

Sometimes we find it difficult to find this simple feature, which is about WhatsApp pin chat or how to embed it. Most internet users are users of a messaging application called WhatsApp.

Well, WhatsApp itself is one application that already has many users, ranging from children to adults.

Why not, because the application offers many interesting features which are certainly very useful.

Even now, how to pin WA chat on Android is also being sought by many people, especially for those who are novice WhatsApp users.

These various features of course also have the flexibility of WA access from mobile devices to desktops.

Users can save messages by means of archives and these archives are stored elsewhere, unlike usual messages. Usually embedding this message is when the person who sent the message is someone important to them.

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About Pin Chat

Before knowing more about how to pin WA chat on Android, it’s good if you know about this cool feature.

As we already know, this application is quite simple but has many other interesting features.

However, with so many features, it is possible that most people don’t even know what they mean or what they are used for. So one of the cool features on WhatsApp that is quite important is about the Pin Chat feature they don’t know about.

Well, this one feature is useful for pinning chats or messages that are considered very important, so that they are at the top.

Pin Chat is also classified as having many benefits so it is important for you to apply, especially if you are a businessman.

So if you are a businessman, there is a possibility that you will have a lot of WA chats.

Therefore, this cool feature of WhatsApp can help you find important conversations easily. How to?

How to Embed Chat

You can now do how to pin WA chat on Android, even the steps are also very easy and simple.

Because you don’t need any other third party app to embed the top messages yourself. Then, how?

For the first step, make sure you already have a WhatsApp account, be it Business or Messenger. Then select the contact or number you want to pin at the top.

If you have, then tap and hold for a moment, then just select the pin icon located at the top.

If you have tapped the pin icon, the contact will automatically be at the top of the WA chat.

It turns out that not only one contact, but you can also embed WhatsApp chat up to 3 contact numbers though. So if it’s important people, then you can pin their contacts at the top of the list yourself.

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How to Disable Chat Pin

After knowing how to pin WA chat on Android, it seems you also have to know how to disable it.

Usually there are people who just don’t want to embed messages, if you are one of them then you can do it.

Especially if you’ve already pinned a message, but don’t even know how to disable it. So here are some of the easiest tutorials you can try.

For the first step, you can open WhatsApp on your Android phone and then select the chat that you pinned earlier. Then just tap and press a few moments until a number of icons appear.

So just choose the pin icon that you have crossed. So, the pin chat will automatically open again and not be at the top when a chat comes in.

Meanwhile, the chat pin itself can only be used for 3 contacts and cannot exceed that. However, if you want more contacts to pin chat, then you need the help of a third party.

One of them is to use WhatsApp MOD applications such as GB WA. So how to pin WA chat on Android with this WA Mod you can do with several contact numbers. Easy isn’t it? (R10/HR-Online)

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