How to Remove Android Studio and How to Reinstall It

How to remove Android Studio can be done easily. Follow the steps and the app will automatically be deleted.

Smartphones are now an important necessity.

Various activities can now be done with just a cellphone in your hand. Moreover, Android phones are quite popular with various interesting features and specifications.

Android comes with various brands that have their respective advantages. The device is a device developed by Google and based on Linux.

Android comes with an open source operating system (OS). Android users can download and download using their own hardware.

Android also provides an interface to be able to create applications and manage personal application file management. Using Android Studio will be much easier in managing file management.

With this application you can write, edit, save and test project.

But if you’re not using it anymore, how do you remove Android Studio? After installing, you can delete it if you need to.

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How to Easily Remove Android Studio

Android Studio is one of the most useful Android applications. You can get access to the Android Software Development Kit or SDK.

SDK being something you need to run programs on Android. Including requires Android Studio.

So when you find a bug in your app, you can use Android Studio to fix it. However, if you want to remove Android Studio, you can follow these steps:

  1. Actually it’s quite easy. You can directly uninstall the Android Studio application, Check Android User
  2. Settings then click next
  3. Then click yes > uninstall
  4. The next way to follow the Complete Uninstall process is to click close to end the step
  5. After the process is complete, the next step is to open Run and type %USERPROFILE%. If you have you can open the folder containing Android
  6. The next way is to delete the Android Studio Project folder
  7. Also, delete JetBrains i.e. Android Studio 4.1 folder folder
  8. Following these steps you can reinstall when you need the Android Studio app.

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Android Studio Features

Once you know how to uninstall Android Studio actually many features are available. There are many features offered, namely:

  • Has built-in support for google Cloud Platform. Making it easy to integrate Google Cloud
  • Messaging and App Engine
  • Has a flexible Gradle based build system
  • C++ and NDK support available
  • Fast emulator and lots of interesting features
  • Has a link tool to record the start, performance, version compatibility and other issues
  • A unified environment where you can develop apps for all Android devices
  • Apply changes doing push i.e. on code changes. Resources without restarting the running application
  • Complete framework and testing tools
  • GitHub integration and code templates to help import sample code and build common app features.

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How to Download the Studio Application

Actually, you can easily delete Android Studio. You can even re-install it when you want to use it.

But before installing the application, you should already have the Java Development Kit.

How to install it simply by opening the Java Development Kit installer that you downloaded earlier. Then you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Android Studio installer > click next
  2. Then a new window appears that helps you have to choose several options to be installed along with the Android version > click next
  3. In this case you have to do a License Agreement, select I Agree
  4. A file storage location option will appear > just click default and file. It will automatically be saved in the directory that is already available. Click next > click install
  5. After the process is complete> next> finish
  6. Then a new window will appear with 2 options > please check the second option if you have never installed the Android Studio IDE > select OK
  7. Then a welcome screen will appear from the application> click next
  8. Select standard > next
  9. The SDK Component setup window appears > install > next > finish
  10. You will see the Downloading Component screen

After downloading the application through all the processes successfully, you can use Android Studio. Please click finish and a welcome window to the application appears, after you have used how to delete Android Studio. (R10/HR-Online)

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