How to Restore a Deactivated Fb Account, Read Here!

How to restore deactivated Fb account is very easy for all users to do. Not infrequently, some Facebook users feel annoyed when they find out their account is inactive.

In fact, the Facebook account already has many followers. In fact, not infrequently users use Facebook accounts for promotional events.

Facebook is not just a chat application or social media. Instead, it has many functions that make it easy to use.

For example, building popularity, storing various important data, and others.

When the Facebook account is inactive, a notification will appear, even Facebook has blocked it. If this is the case, the user cannot use his old Facebook account.

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How to Restore a Deactivated Fb Account and the terms

Instead of having to create a new Facebook account, you can reactivate it.

Previously, there are several conditions that you must prepare in advance. These conditions include the following:

  1. Have an identity card (KTP, Student Card, SIM, Passport, or other identity card)
  2. Mobile number and email
  3. Smartphone (Android or iOS) or laptop
  4. Stable internet network

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How to Restore a Deactivated Fb Account

After all the requirements are ready, you can see the following steps.

  1. The first step, please open the browser application first. Can be through a laptop or PC, Android, or iPhone.
  2. After that, please visit the Facebook help center site.
  3. If you have, you will find several columns. Your next task is to fill in the fields. For example, include an email address to a cellphone number.
  4. Don’t forget to enter your full name according to the blocked Fb account.
  5. The next step, please enter a photo of your identity card. First of all, make sure that the photo you are going to insert is clear and not blurry.
  6. When finished, finally click the send button.

Facebook will not immediately respond. However, you will have to wait for an email from Facebook for approximately 2 to 3 hours.

When your application gets approval from Facebook, you’ll get a recovery link via email. After that, the Facebook account can be active again.

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Causes of Blocked Fb Account

This blocked Facebook account is not without reason. Facebook has found several violations that cause your Facebook account to be blocked.

For example, intentionally or unintentionally spreading things that Facebook prohibits. Such as hoax news, violent content, slander, and so on.

Other causes are using false data, not using their own identity or disguising themselves as certain figures. Spamming and doing things that deviate can also be the cause.

Therefore, before you use the method to restore a deactivated Fb account as above, make sure to use it first. If it is true because of these causes, of course, do not repeat the same mistakes. So that the Facebook account remains safe. (R10/HR-Online)

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