How to Save Android Lightroom Presets for Sharing, Here are the Tips

How to save Android lightroom presets can be done with easy and simple steps. Even for those of you who are new to using it.

The existence of Android phones is increasingly helping various community activities.

Especially in the digital era like now, making various things done just in the palm of your hand. Interestingly, today’s Android devices also have many interesting features.

Many applications are available to help facilitate the various activities you do with the device. As is the case for those who use lightroom, they are definitely familiar with the term preset.

Presets have a role to make photo editing in lightroom the fastest and easiest. Adobe lightroom or commonly abbreviated as Lr is a software that functions for photo editing.

Interestingly, lightroom is also not only available for PC devices. But you can use it on Android phones.

With this help you can use how to save Android lightroom presets.

Besides being able to do storage, you can also give it to other people. Make edits and give your best creations.

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How to Save Android Lightroom Presets, here are the steps

Lightroom presets are used to make photos look more attractive. You can download lightroom presets for free.

You can use Android or iOS phones though.

Using lightroom presets is also able to create results with aesthetic effects.

There are settings for image results ranging from contrast, lighting, patterns, to color settings. To make editing easier, follow the exact steps to save a lightroom preset.

Saving Lightroom CC Presets

Usually the present used is a file format. Here’s how to create your own lightroom DNG file presets.

So you can save your creations in lightroom into a DNG file so that others can enjoy it too. Follow the steps below just by setting up photo edits of personal creation.

  1. The first step of course you have to open the lightroom application first
  2. Then you can prepare photo edits that will be used as presets
  3. If you are ready, you can tap the share icon at the top
  4. Tap export partially
  5. If so, please change the file type to DNG
  6. Please change the DNG preset name in the other options menu
  7. Tap the tick icon at the top
  8. Wait until the saving process is complete.

So how to save Android lightroom presets is just by tapping the 3 dots icon in the editing menu and then tap create preset. The preset will be saved in the user preset feature.

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How to Download Lightroom Presets

We recommend that before using how to save Android Lightroom presets, you also need to know how to download them.

How to download presets on websites or sites that provide is quite simple. After downloading the file, you can follow these steps:

Extract File

The way to download presets is to download the file and wait until the process is complete. After that, you can extract the lightroom preset file.

You can use the zip extension and use a zip or rar reader app on PC. You can then move the extracted files to a folder that is easy for you to find.

Entering Lightroom Presets

Actually, how to save Android lightroom presets can be done for beginners. We recommend downloading and opening the Android lightroom presets application. Open the application and select the new item menu.

Click the album section, create a new album, and give the preset a name. Click the picture icon to add a preset and select the device menu.

Find the previous preset folder by continuing to extract the pre-existing folder and select Add.

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Preset Apps

Next, to use the Lightroom preset, just click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Select the existing preset menu. Next will be available copy settings menu.

Enter the photo you want to edit according to your choice. The next step is to select the settings menu and paste the settings.

This way the preset settings you have downloaded will be installed automatically.

You can also immediately use the easy way to save Android lightroom presets without being complicated. You can share photo edits that you lightroom with others.

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