How to Scan Files on an Android Phone Using Several Steps

How to scan files on an Android cellphone is very easy, so you don’t need to bother thinking about such things thanks to the presence of advanced technology.

Not much different from a photocopying machine, that a scanner is also useful for duplicating files in electronic form.

Whether it’s an image or a code, now it can be obtained from the file or object that we are going to scan.

So how do you scan documents? Check out the following steps!

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How to Scan Files on the Easiest Android Phone with These Steps

In ancient times, when scanning, you had to use a tool called a scanner and not everyone had it.

However, along with the times, now everyone can scan documents such as photo ID cards to diplomas with a cellphone.

Especially during a pandemic like today, where the role of scanners is very important, especially in the field of education. Because distance schools have also demanded their students to scan files such as diplomas.

Even how to scan files on an Android cellphone will now feel very easy thanks to the help of various other supporting applications.

More interestingly, now you don’t have to need a capable camera to scan the document or file.

Due to the presence of these supporting applications, it is able to support the scan results. Well, here are some tricks to scan files easily.

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How to scan files on an Android cellphone for the first tip is to use an application called CamScanner. This is one of the most popular document scanning applications because many have used it.

In addition, this application also supports more scanning formats, including JPG and PDF as well. Of course, you can also use this application to scan signatures only through smartphones.

For the first step you can open this application then log in and click the camera icon at the bottom. Then just take a photo of the document or file that you want to scan.

After that, select the Next option and the application will automatically tidy up the scanning results. If everything is done, lastly just select the grass icon located at the bottom of the screen and then save the scan result.

Simple Scan

How to scan files on an Android phone for this second step is to use a third-party application called Simple Scan. The Scan application on this cellphone also has a simple interface and also has very complete and useful features.

You can even get this application for free, one of which is to download and download it through the Play Store.

Simple Scan is also proven to be effective for scanning documents, photos, driver’s licenses, ID cards, and so on into PDFs.

The first step you can download, then prepare the files or photos that you will scan later. Make sure you get enough light then run Simple Scan and select the camera icon to start the process.

Then all you have to do is point your cellphone camera at the file section and try to fit it, aka not stray.

Take a photo then crop the parts you don’t need. Finally, you can directly save the scan results.

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No App

How to scan files on an Android cellphone, it turns out that you can also do it without having to use other additional applications. So this one trick seems to be your best choice, because it also saves storage space.

For the first step, you can open Google Drive on your cellphone, considering that all Android phones already have this default application.

Then select the Plus (+) option to add a new document and just select “Scan”.

Then just prepare the document that you are going to scan, but make sure that you place the document on a flat place. After that, take the best possible photo and then click the tick option.

The next step is to do editing such as cropping to remove some unnecessary parts. When it’s finished last, just Save to save it.

Of the several ways to scan files on an Android cellphone like that, now is the time for you to apply it yourself. Pretty easy isn’t it? (R10/HR-Online)

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