How to Subtitle Indonesia on YouTube Android with These Easy Steps

You can now do the Indonesian subtitles on Android YouTube directly by applying a few easy steps like the following.

Because there is already a lot of video content that you can watch through a popular application called YouTube. Starting from educational videos, entertainment to documentaries, everything is definitely in this application.

There are also a number of videos that we can see from abroad that have foreign languages.

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The Easiest Way to Subtitle Indonesia on Android YouTube

YouTube itself is one of the most popular video sharing sites or applications in the world, because it has a lot of videos.

Since YouTube was acquired by Google, until now YouTube video technology continues to experience many changes.

There is one YouTube facility that can help its users, namely about subtitles that we can activate ourselves.

So to display the video subtitles in languages ​​around the world, it will be a distinct advantage.

Many people now want to know about how to easily subtitle Indonesian on YouTube Android. Given that not all videos on YouTube are equipped with subtitles.

Usually the default subtitles when activated will immediately adjust to the language of the conversation on the video itself.

But the most relevant is about English conversation. So how to translate it into Indonesian?

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Indonesian Subtitle, What is it?

Before further knowing how to do Indonesian subtitles on YouTube Android, you can first understand what it means.

If you are a beginner Youtuber who wants to be successful, then the first strategy so that the content gets a lot of viewers is to add Indonesian subtitles.

The reason is that adding an Indonesian translation can be the best solution if there are words that are not clear in the video.

In addition, you can also upload vlogs in English and maybe other regional languages.

If you have done that, then the video can be enjoyed by even the deaf audience. So that this will make the audience wider and can embrace the whole community.

Even now, the way to make subtitles on YouTube is also very easy, you only need to use a few steps.

Therefore, you should not be lazy to add Indonesian sub YouTube by using a smartphone only.

How to make

The method of Indonesian subtitles on YouTube Android aka adding them now feels very easy and not difficult. It’s just that you need to provide more free time to be able to finish the subtitles.

However, you don’t need to worry anymore, because there are some easy steps that you should pay attention to. Well, for the first step you can first login to your YouTube account as usual.

If you have, then click or select a profile photo at the top right of the page and then select the Your Channel option. Select “Manage Videos” so you can switch to YouTube Studio.

In the Subtitles menu under your profile photo, just choose which video you want to add subtitles to. Finally, just select “Add Language” to add a language and click Add.

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How to show subtitles

The Indonesian subtitle method on YouTube Android is easy, but do you know how to display it?

Given that watching your favorite movies on an Android device, YouTube doesn’t feel like it if the subtitles only show English.

So that it is very easy for you to display the translation into Indonesian on your cellphone. You only need to use your cellphone, you can do it yourself.

The first step is to open the YouTube site using a browser such as Google Chrome or Opera Mini. Go to the YouTube site and select the desktop site.

Look for the title of your favorite movie and then click the CC Subtitle menu at the bottom of the video. Click Settings on YouTube videos, then a new menu will automatically appear and select Automatic translation.

How to subtitle Indonesian on YouTube Android now feels very easy. It’s enough to just use your cellphone, you can do it even if you don’t have a laptop device. (R10/HR-Online)

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