How to Update Android 11 to 12 Easy, Check Out These Steps!

How to update Android 11 to 12 is very important for you to do, because by updating, the smartphone will become more optimal and stable.

Not only that, but system updates can also provide new features that will certainly make it easier for users.

Meanwhile, Android 12 itself has been released since October 2021 by the big company Google.

So this update is one of the biggest updates that can pamper users with a myriad of cool features.

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How to Update Android 11 to 12 with Few Easy Steps!

As we know, that Android itself is an operating system or smartphone OS made by Google which is now increasingly popular.

Even Android itself has often updated the operating system on a number of devices too.

Of course, the emergence of the latest version of the operating system has also been well received by mobile phone vendors.

In fact, many of them also present a number of upgrades on their phones that are still using the old version of Android.

In addition to the latest and cool features, this operating system has also undergone many significant changes compared to Android 11.

Even the appearance of the latest operating system is also much fresher complete with smoother animations.

Initially the Android 12 operating system was only available for Pixel phones from the Google company, but now it’s not.

So for those of you who own a smartphone with the Android 11 operating system, you can upgrade to replace it with Android 12. How is that possible?

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How to find out the Android version

Before knowing how to update Android 11 to 12, it’s good if you know the Android version itself. Because there are some people who can’t or don’t know what the operating system is.

It’s also possible that you are one of those who have held a cellphone for a long time but don’t know how to find out.

Actually the method is very easy, because you don’t need to use help from other applications, just a cellphone.

So for the first step you can open the Settings menu or Settings on your smartphone.

If so, then scroll down until you find the System option and just click on it.

Finally you just select the Advanced option then System update only. Then automatically the operating system will immediately appear on your Android phone. Pretty easy isn’t it?

Via Over The Air or OTA

Now is the time to know how to update Android 11 to 12, you can go through Over The Air aka OTA and this is the easiest trick. Well, to carry out the process of updating this operating system, there are several important requirements.

One of them you must be connected to a stable internet source, battery power must be above 50% and have free space on the internal memory of 2GB.

This is important for you to know first to avoid your cellphone suddenly turning off during the update process.

For the steps, first connect the cellphone to the network and then open the Settings menu on your cellphone. Then look for the About Phone option and select Update.

Later you will find Software Update, then your task is to click on “Update Checker”.

If it’s over, just click Update and then install it until the process is completely finished. Wait until your phone restarts itself.

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Advantages of Android 12

After knowing how to update Android 11 to 12, then you also have to know what are the advantages of the operating system.

One of the advantages is regarding the design or often referred to as Material You.

Furthermore, the widget design is new, which on Android 12 can adjust the color to the Material You theme.

Even the widget itself has also been given several new APIs to improve its performance to help update the appearance.

Every cellphone will definitely have various Android version upgrade limits. If the cellphone you are using has reached the maximum limit of the Android version, then you will not get a notification for an Android update.

However, if you get an Android system update notification, you should immediately update.

Because every update will always bring new features to important security updates for your cellphone.

So from how to update Android 11 to 12 like before, now is the time to put it into practice. The goal is that the phone can be more leverage and stable. (R10/HR-Online)

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