Instagram Post Pin Feature, Now in Trial Phase

The Instagram post pin feature is a new feature from Instagram which is currently in the testing phase.

You need to know, with this feature it can allow you to pin (pin) your favorite posts on the top profile page.

The feature that is still in the trial phase is indeed almost similar to the Pin feature found on the Twitter, TikTok, and WhatsApp applications.

However, this new feature is temporarily only available for certain users on the platform. So not all Instagram users can use it.

Users who already have access to the feature can see the “pin to your profile” option. You can select this feature in the menu on the side of the upload.

With this feature, you can turn uploads that you may have posted for a long time into your favorite posts.

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Latest Instagram Post Pin Features

This Instagram post pin feature serves to pin posts at the top of your Instagram profile.

By pinning a post to the top of your Instagram profile, other users can see your posts more quickly.

In fact, they don’t need to swipe to the bottom of the feed in their Instagram profiles that are arranged according to upload time.

Your followers also don’t need to see previous posts that you’ve uploaded.

Instagram users can not only pin one favorite post. However, Instagram users will be able to pin up to three posts on their Instagram profile.

This latest Instagram feature can also provide the latest promotion methods for account owners or content creators.

Because, with this feature they can put their popular content at the top. So, other users can more easily access it.

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Instagram Pin Feature Trial Phase

You need to know, if this very popular social media platform from Meta mentions that this Instagram post Pin feature is still in the testing stage.

After conducting the trial phase, this platform will release the new feature globally. So that future Instagram users can use the latest features of this application.

Although this platform feature has not been released globally, some Instagram users can already try using the feature. In particular, some users are domiciled in the United States only.

Going forward, this new feature for embedding Instagram posts will work just like pinned post.

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Now, pinned post is a feature that has long been embedded on two other social media platforms, including on the TikTok platform and also Twitter.

It seems that the testing phase of the Instagram post Pin feature will run for more or less a few months, starting last January. (R10/HR-Online)

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