Meta 3D Ad System Ready to Realize Metaverse Vision and Mission

The current Meta 3D advertising system is used by companies to realize the vision and mission of building a true Metaverse. To carry out this effort, Meta also cooperates with the VNTANA company.

With this collaboration, it will be possible for a brand to be able to upload 3D models of their products on social media platforms. Then the upload can be used as an advertisement.

As we know, 3D advertising itself is an interactive mode that users can touch and interact with. In addition, users can move the product to see all angles.

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According to information circulating, currently Meta is in a partnership to make it easier for advertisers to display promotions using 3D materials. This is in preparation for entering the Metaverse.

The partnership is established together with an e-commerce technology called VNTANA. Through this collaboration, it is possible for advertisers to be able to upload 3D models of the products they offer.

Thus, the product can appear different from the various ads that are currently popping up on Instagram and Facebook.

Ashley Crowder as Chief Executive of VNTANA, believes that this collaboration will help the Met with its goal of getting closer to the Metaverse.

Ashley also adds that Metaverse is basically a virtual spatial money. It is a world of all possibilities, including having the right 3D shape to be able to advertise a product.

Through this Meta 3D advertising system, Instagram and Facebook users can also view the product in 3D.

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Advantages of 3D Meta Ads

Based on the explanation from VNTANA, it is stated that the optimization algorithm on this system will patent a key to success.

This is because most of the 3D design files are too large in size so they take a long time to process.

But thanks to software from VNTANA, they can maximize the process. Thus a brand can implement product designs with the Meta 3D advertising system more easily without the need to use 3D expertise.

Through the collaboration between VNTANA and Meta offers 3D deployment of a brand across all META advertising platforms.

This is a step forward for the VNTANA company in promoting 3D in the retail industry.

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In addition, the presence of 3D advertising technology in Metaverse can also provide benefits for sellers or buyers. Because this technology can provide a better understanding of a product.

Based on this, Chris Barbour who is the Director of Meta Reality Labs stated the importance of Facebook and Instagram advertising capabilities. Chris also hopes that the 3D Meta advertising system will be able to make sellers or brands even wider. So they can reach their target audience. (R10/HR-Online)

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