The Easiest Way to Convert BIN to ISO on Android, Check Out These Steps!

How to convert BIN to ISO on Android is easy for you to do, so you don’t have to use a PC or laptop, but just Android.

Well, this BIN file format is an old file that is owned by many applications, call it a disk image.

In addition, ISO itself has also taken its place in modern software, but there are several places where you can still find BIN files.

Meanwhile, BIN itself is a binary or binary package file which is then compressed.

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How to Convert BIN to ISO on Android is Very Easy, Beginners Must Know!

As we know, that now there are actually many file formats that we can find easily. One of them is BIN or binary file.

So BIN is a format for making DVD copies.

That’s why this one format is needed by Android phones. Usually people who get this file on Android are when they are downloading something on the internet such as music, pictures, or games.

Unfortunately, most Android phones also don’t seem to support this file, so they can’t open the BIN file.

So this is very inconvenient for users, because they have to re-download, especially if the file is very large.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss about tricks or tutorials to convert BIN files to ISO files. Just by using an Android device, you can now do it yourself.

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How to convert BIN to ISO on Android for the first tip is to use a third-party application called ISO Extractor.

This application is also free and has a fairly small size and you can directly download it through the Google Play Store service.

Even how to use it itself is also very easy, so after this application is installed, then you just have to open it.

The appearance of ISO Extractor is also simple and looks like a file manager or a complete file manager with a list of files per line.

The next step is to open the BIN file that you want to convert to an ISO file. After successfully opening, then stay on the menu button located in the upper right corner and select Save As ISO.

After that, navigate to the folder that you want to save and then enter the name of the ISO file by selecting the Save option. Wait a few moments until the process is completely finished.

Tips for Opening BIN Files

If you already know how to convert BIN to ISO on Android, you may have wanted to open the BIN file yourself.

On this occasion you do not need to use other additional applications when changing the format of the file manually.

So for the first step you can go to the File Manager menu or storage on an Android phone. If so, then look for the BIN file which you will then change the format to.

If you’ve managed to find it, you can click and hold the file then select Rename and then just change the BIN format to ISO. The last step when it’s finished, then just save it.

Well, to save it you just select the Save option, it will automatically be saved immediately. Now you can directly open the file.

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What Are BIN and ISO Files?

Already know several ways to convert BIN to ISO on Android? So how much do you know about BIN and ISO files?

So this binary file is the raw bytes for the byte copy that came from the original file.

Because every bit is in the same place as the original and for complex programs even to some games.

While the ISO file itself is quite different. Because this is a disc image that can be a DVD or CD.

It still contains binary data, but it already has its own format so it can store media like game DVDs.

If you download the BIN file and the program doesn’t have the handle to install it. Then you have to convert it to an ISO file first.

Apart from that, you can also zoom by using the Tools daemon to simulate the DVD player.

The BIN format is also useful for storing various raw data and can be converted into other formats.

Like how to convert BIN to ISO on Android as it is today, it will be very easy because you don’t have to use a laptop. (R10/HR-Online)

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