The Easiest Way to Google Dark Mode on Android, Here Are Some Benefits!

How to Google Dark mode on Android is important for you to know, because dark mode like this can make the cellphone battery last longer.

However, before discussing further about the tutorial, you should first understand other important information.

So Dark mode is actually still a development from Google and not all applications already support this feature.

More interestingly, Google also reported that Dark Mode was also implemented in its entirety, especially in the Android Q update.

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How to Google Dark Mode Android Very Easy and Simple

Actually the Dark Mode feature itself on Google Chrome has appeared officially since mid-2020 for Android. The latest feature also follows a number of platforms and developers that have implemented dark mode, such as Telegram and Twitter.

Changes in the interface between Google’s dark mode and normal mode are indeed able to provide refreshment for users. In fact, even Google released Dark Mode, not only following the trend, but also providing benefits.

Therefore, knowing how to Google dark mode Android is something that is important and valuable for you.

In order to avoid HP’s light being too bright, many of them are now switching to dark mode.

For those of you who want to make your Android phone dark, it’s important to know the steps.

But before going further into the tutorial, then you should know more about dark mode.

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What is Dark Mode?

Before going further on how to Google dark mode on Android, it’s better if you know the meaning of Dark Mode itself. So this Dark Mode is a useful feature or service to help users avoid HP radiation light.

In fact, in Google Chrome itself there is also a dark mode setting, both for the mobile version to the desktop though.

Well, this Google Dark Mode is one type of service from Google that is very popular because it can change the appearance of the screen.

Besides Google, there are several other applications that can already apply dark mode, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, to Instagram.

Well, in this latest feature, usually Google’s colorful writing will change to white on a black background.

Even to activate it is also very easy, you just need to go to the Settings menu on the Android phone. But if you don’t understand, then you can listen to some of the following easy tricks.

How to use

The Google dark mode Android method is actually very easy, because you don’t need to use third-party applications. Enough through a smartphone, then you can change the display to dark mode.

For the first step, you can open your Android phone and select a browser, be it Chrome or Opera Mini and then open Google.

After that, continue again by looking for the icon in the form of three lines which are usually located at the top left and then click.

The next step is that there will be several options, then you can choose an icon shaped like a sun. At that time, it will say Dark Theme: off, so you can directly click on the icon.

Later it will automatically change to Dark Mode aka dark mode on your cellphone screen display. Now is your time to try and apply it.

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Benefits of Using Dark Mode

It’s not only about how to Google dark mode on Android that you should know, but some of the benefits when using it.

Basically, this dark mode feature can not only make the display look minimalist.

But there will be many benefits that you can get when you activate this cool feature, one of which makes your eyes comfortable.

So that activating dark mode is a solution for the comfort of your eyes after staring at the cellphone screen for too long.

Not only that, the use of this feature can also help the eyes relax more due to fatigue. This is because the light that is not too much can make the eyes always wet and does not pose a danger.

Even the use of Dark Mode can also save more on your smartphone’s battery life. Especially if your cellphone already uses an OLED screen type, then this feature can make changes that you can feel.

So does this feature already exist on all Android phones? Based on information, this dark mode is only available for Android phones version 10 and above.

If your cellphone is advanced, it looks like you can take advantage of this cool feature, and now you know how to Google Dark mode on Android. It’s time to apply and try it right now. (R10/HR-Online)

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