Uninstall Android System WebView, Affect Other Application Performance

Uninstall Android system WebView you can do to overcome the full memory capacity. Until later there is no need to update continuously.

Every time you open the Google Play Store update menu, you often see the latest updates for Android System WebView. This continues to happen even though it has only been a few days of updating the application.

Even though the size is quite large, namely 50MB. If you are a user who is saving quota so it doesn’t run out quickly, you can uninstall it.

So there is no need to update Android System WebView anymore. If you don’t uninstall the Android system WebView, your quota may run out quickly.

Actually to remove it is quite easy. Especially if the phone has been rooted.

However, you also need to reconsider, because the Android system’s web interface is an important component. So that will make the performance of other applications run perfectly.

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How to Uninstall Android System WebView?

Android WebView is a smartphone system that displays web pages or page views on Android device applications. WebView is the default application component of Android phones.

So it can’t delete the system WebView on the device itself. However, if you find any problems with the system, it’s a good idea to check if there is an update on the system.

If the problem cannot be solved, you can take it to the smartphone purchase shop complete with proof of purchase and warranty card.

Actually deleting Android System WebView can’t be done just like that. This is because the uninstallation process is quite variable.

It all depends on the Android device and its version. Here are some tips on how to uninstall Android System WebView on some devices.

You can also apply this method on Android 6.0 or later. The method is quite easy.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Next enter the application
  3. All apps and select system webview
  4. Tap the 3 lines at the top left corner of the screen
  5. The last step, please uninstall or uninstall.

By following these steps you have already removed or deleted the Android system WebView.

It’s best to think about whether you really want to uninstall or not. If you are sure, you can do it this way.

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Impact of Uninstalling Android System WebView

Uninstalling the Android system WebView can actually be done easily. However, it will have an impact on other Android apps.

Performing this system update requires storage space and internet quota. This will result in a reduced quota.

If you have trouble with this, you can just uninstall it immediately.

Just follow the previous steps. However, the Android system WebView has an influence on the performance of other applications.

If until you do the uninstall, some applications will experience a performance that does not run perfectly.

For example in BBM, WA, or Line applications. This is affected because Android system WebView is a third party application.

So that the WA application can directly display a website page from the application. Even without having to switch to a browser (firefox, chrome, or ucweb).

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Benefits of Android System WebView

Given that the existence of the Android system WebView is quite important, of course you should not uninstall it as much as possible. Because the benefits are quite pronounced in other Android applications.

If you delete it, it’s possible that web pages sent via WA will only be able to open via a browser.

By means of making Android slower to work. Because many applications are running concurrently.

For that, you should use a WiFi network connection when you want to update the Android system WebView. So you can save internet quota.

After you update like the others, Android’s performance will be more prime and stable. In addition, it can also avoid various problems or errors.

The performance of Android applications and games is also getting maximized. Without you having to experience any obstacles.

We recommend that after knowing the benefits of Android System WebView you think again to remove it.

Especially if you do this just to save internet quota. Do not intend to uninstall Android System WebView because it can affect the performance of other applications. If you take a wrong step, it will hamper other applications. (R10/HR-Online)

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