Viral Woman Selling Cheating Husband’s Goods on Facebook Live

The viral sale of women’s cheating husband’s goods, this was caught in a short video circulating. Infidelity is a domestic destroyer, but the way to deal with this problem attracts attention.

We have often seen news of infidelity circulating on Indonesian social media. It is not uncommon for trending cases like this to be in the main spotlight.

Therefore, there are many interesting ways that the couple usually does to teach the cheater a lesson. One of them is this one woman, not with emotion and getting angry.

In fact, she still looks beautiful and calm, although she still shows her disappointment. He chose to stick with whatever happened to his household.

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This woman started a Facebook Live showing the collections of her husband who had an affair. Annotate the live by attracting people to watch it.

He wrote that be careful of the risk of buying the cursed item. The reason is that it will turn your partner into a certified cheater.

So when you use it, you immediately change and become addicted to gambling.

Rending this video on various social media platforms in the country. Many left unique and interesting comments from the upload, of course.

They all almost thought that the item looked decent but the owner wasn’t worthy. This is certainly a fun joke because many also leave comments on the upload.

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Get 55 Million from Sales

It was revealed that this viral woman who sold out her cheating husband’s goods managed to get a fantastic nominal. He pocketed 55 million rupiah from the sale of these goods.

Not only that, this video was uploaded on the Youtube channel. It doesn’t just stop at Facebook Live.

It seems that the recording will be one of the interesting pieces of evidence if the cheating husband sees it.

Until now the video continues to increase in views, netizens are curious about this. This incident became an interesting learning and revenge without the power to harm himself.

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To Support the Children

Wise enough that he shared this with the public, not just because of selfishness. But what he wants is that incidents like this become a lesson for men, if women can be punished and are not weak.

This woman said that the proceeds from the sale will be used to support her children. They were still small, even the eldest had just turned 6 years old.

This incident has gone viral on various social media platforms. Revenge like this will be a lesson for all couples who commit infidelity.

Because basically infidelity in a relationship is not true. The viral sale of this cheating husband’s goods has succeeded in becoming an interesting revenge reference. (R10/HR-Online)

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